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Russian Railways Date and place of registration: 23 September 2003, Moscow. Registration authority: Moscow Interdistrict Inspectorate No. 39 of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Taxes and Levies. OGRN 1037739877295. is the largest railway carrier in the Russian Federation, an owner and developer of common-use railway infrastructure.

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The Company ensures transportation of vital goods to remote parts of the country and provides the most affordable means of transport to millions of people. Russian Railways operates in 77 regions of Russia.

The Russian Federation is the founder and sole shareholder of Russian Railways. The Long-Term Development Programme of Russian Railways until 2025 aims to meet the strategic national goals by expanding the transport infrastructure and enhancing economic links among Russian regions.

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Operations of Russian Railways:

  • freight transportation, locomotive traction and infrastructure;
  • container solutions
  • long-haul and suburban passenger transportation
  • rolling stock repairs
  • logistics
  • engineering
  • railway R&D
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Russian Railways’ infrastructure includes: 85,600 km of railway lines 44,300 km of electrified lines
Russian Railways’ infrastructure accounts for: 46.3 % of total freight turnover 23.7 % of total passenger turnover
Russian Railways is Russia’s largest employer: Providing jobs to 696.3 thousand people
The Company is a global leader by energy efficiency of freight services According to the International Energy Agency. and other performance indicators:
No. 1 globally by freight and passenger traffic density per km of main line network
No. 2 globally by freight turnover
No. 3 globally by operational length of railway lines
No. 4 globally by passenger turnover
Company profile