#case study GREEN TRAFFIC Eco-friendly rolling stock

Eco-friendly rolling stock

Russian Railways is actively engaged in a number of projects to create eco-friendly traction stock running on alternative energy sources.

This will allow for substituting
11% of diesel fuel with natural gas by 2025, with the figure to increase
TO 25% by 2030
Testing of the first locomotive is scheduled for
Q3 2022
Commercial production of locomotives is expected to begin
IN 2023
Natural gas

In 2021, we continued to work on configuration and key equipment options to convert shunting and mainline diesel locomotives into gas-powered ones. Another work stream underway is the development of new locomotives running on natural gas.


In 2021, we finalised design documents and started pilot manufacturing of two hybrid EMKA2 shunting locomotives.
We are also designing a Lastochka-based hybrid electric train powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Hydrogen cells

In Sakhalin, Russian Railways started piloting trains running on hydrogen fuel cells. The project seeks to create a comprehensive hydrogen technology comprising hydrogen production and transportation, train operation and maintenance, as well as building an expert and training centre. The advantages of hydrogen-based power sources include lower noise from rolling stock and no GHG emissions.