Occupational risk analysis and assessment GRI 403-2

The health and safety management system is based on a risk-oriented approach that provides for a shift from reactive (i.e. damage compensation) to proactive measures by minimising employee exposure to production risks, and harmful and hazardous factors.

Branches of Russian Railways conduct annual assessments of occupational risks for the main types of hazardous occupations.

Occupational risks are calculated and assessed for each branch of Russian Railways with a breakdown by regional directorate and structural unit using the Occupational Risk Analysis and Assessment for Russian Railways Employees automated system.

Structural units of Russian Railways branches carried out a comprehensive assessment and laid down acceptable levels of occupational risks for 2022 and developed lists of unacceptable and undesirable risks.

The measurement results were then evaluated and rated by the regional directorates and summarised in risk matrices for the main types of hazardous occupations.

Based on occupational risk assessment, activities were developed to manage risks classified as unacceptable and undesirable. The activities were planned as part of a health and safety improvement programme for 2022.

Occupational risk analysis and assessment