Anti-Corruption Hotline

The Company has a whistleblowing hotline in place to report corruption in the Russian Railways Group (including anonymously, if the reporting person does not wish to provide their personal details). In 2021, Russian Railways approved an amended version of the Anti-Corruption Hotline Rules Russian Railways’ Order No. 1729/r dated 04 August 2021. , which provides updated information about available contact channels and procedures to be followed by the persons responsible for receiving, processing and considering reports. The contact channels are available in the Anti-Corruption section of Russian Railways’ website.

The Anti-Corruption Hotline is open 24/7 and has a voicemail service. All reports are received and processed by the Company’s Anti-Corruption Centre. At the end of each quarter, a detailed Anti-Corruption Hotline report on cases investigated and actions taken Information about reports received via the Anti-Corruption Hotline is included in Russian Railways’ 2021 Annual Report and is publicly available on the Company’s website. is submitted to Russian Railways’ Deputy CEO for corporate security.

GRI 205–3

Out of the 442 messages received via the hotline in 2021, 223 messages reported potential corrupt behaviour, with a major share of them relating to potential fraud (29.5%). Having investigated these reports, the Company took disciplinary action against 26 employees, including 23 reprimands or disciplinary penalties and 3 dismissals. Ten reports were escalated to law enforcement agencies.

In accordance with Russian Railways’ Code of Business Ethics, the Company's anti-corruption policy aims to ensure confidentiality and protect whistleblowers from negative consequences arising from their reports of potential corruption in the Company.

Anti-Corruption Hotline performance