Russian Railways’ Anti-Corruption Action Plan

Russian Railways’ Anti-Corruption Action Plan approved for the relevant period in accordance with the National Anti-Corruption Plan Approved by the Russian President’s Decree No. 478 dated 16 August 2021. and the respective Instructions of the Russian Government is a fundamental document providing a legal and organisational framework for the Company’s anti-corruption action.

Key focus areas of Russian Railways’ Anti-Corruption Action Plan for 2021–2024 Russian Railways’ Order No. 2106/r dated 28 September 2021. :

  • corruption risk management;
  • prevention and resolution of conflicts of interest;
  • reporting any inducement to corruption to the employer;
  • reporting receipt of gifts by the employee;
  • anti-corruption compliance in real property management;
  • engagement with law enforcement agencies;
  • analysis of anti-corruption measures in procurement;
  • expert review of draft contracts to identify and eliminate corruption risks;
  • assessment of RMICS from an anti-corruption perspective;
  • Anti-Corruption Hotline;
  • anti-corruption awareness raising;
  • staff training and development;
  • analysis of anti-corruption whistleblower protection practices;
  • improvement of digital technologies in anti-corruption activities;
  • social surveys on anti-corruption.