The mission of the Russian Railways Group is to develop an efficient transportation business that will be competitive on the Russian and international markets and focus on effectively meeting the Group’s objectives as a national freight and passenger carrier and owner of the public railway infrastructure.

Development Strategy until 2030

Accomplishment of the Group’s mission will rely on the achievement of the 2030 strategic goals in six focus areas.

In 2021, the Strategy was implemented in line with Russian Railways’ Long-Term Development Programme until 2025 Approved by the Russian Government (Order No. 466-r dated 19 March 2019) and the Board of Directors of Russian Railways (Minutes No. 14 dated 8 April 2019). .

Programme implementation in 2021

Due to macroeconomic headwinds, in 2021 the Company fell short of some of its KPI targets under the Long-Term Development Programme. At the same time, certain KPIs were exceeded, including procurement from small and medium-sized businesses (43 pp over the target), the volume of transit container transportation (22.1% over the target), and the average loaded car delivery speed (8.6% over the target), which was due in part to Russian Railways’ active work to develop container transportation.

The integral KPI for innovation efficiency, and labour productivity growth in transportation operations exceeded the respective targets by 14.7% and 2.9 pp, respectively.

The KPI for the length of public railway lines with limited throughput was achieved as planned.

Strategic goals until 2030