Vision Zero

Russian Railways is a member of the Vision Zero global campaign, which has completely reshaped corporate approaches to health and safety management. This strategy requires actors at all levels, from executives to employees, to act with awareness in order to prevent any work-related accidents.

Based on the Vision Zero Framework, Russian Railways developed the respective implementation programme for 2019–2021 Approved by Russian Railways’ Order No. 1179/r dated 13 June 2019. .

In 2021, the Company implemented the following measures in line with the Programme:

  • developed a VR simulator to train overhead lines repair personnel in health and safety using smart training solutions;
  • put into permanent use a model virtual classroom to train health and safety managers and personnel in developing an interactive educational environment, which helps automate the key operations related to examinations;
  • continued efforts to examine health and safety knowledge of middle level managers and to train moderators for examinations.