Intracorporate communications

The key objective of developing intracorporate communications is to improve employee satisfaction and engagement levels by raising personnel awareness, enhancing feedback channels within the Company, and promoting corporate values among the staff.

Russian Railways’ Employee Service Portal

Russian Railways’ Employee Service Portal ( remains one of the key personnel communication channels. A shared information space facilitates contacts between the employer and workers, provides staff with corporate updates, and serves as a one-stop shop for over 50 services.

The number of authorised users exceeds 600,000, while peak daily traffic comes in at 150,000 unique users.

In 2021, the Company developed and rolled out new communication tools such as Blogs, Chat, Achievements, Active Worker, and Manager’s Online Desk.

Active Worker enables employees to submit their portal improvement proposals and vote online on their colleagues’ submissions. Since its launch, the service has:

  • registered over 2,500 proposals,
  • held six votes among more than 118,000 employees.

Manager’s Online Desk unlocks additional opportunities for an on-spot dialogue by streamlining communications between an employee and a manager. Each employee can contact the manager of their business unit directly to ask a question, put in a request or submit a proposal.

In 2021, Manager’s Online Desk:

  • registered over 1,000 submissions from employees,
  • including 760 submissions addressed straight away,
  • and 448 submissions closed with a positive review (93.3% of all reviewed messages);
  • while the average manager care score across the Company came in at 4.4 (out of 5).

Team-Based Dialogue

In 2021, the Company launched Team-Based Dialogue, a new form of internal communications supported by a live voice chat for connecting with Russian Railways’ managers. This tool enables employees from across the country to ask their questions in the real-time mode. Discussion topics are selected by employees.

Social and HR Hotline for Russian Railways’ employees

GRI 102-17

In order to maintain a socially and psychologically favourable working environment and receive regular feedback from Russian Railways’ employees, the Company has put in place the Social and HR Hotline, an integrated 24/7 information and counselling service.

In 2021, the number of registered calls exceeded 43,000.

Achievements in 2021
  • Russian Railways’ Employee Service Portal won the top prize of the international Digital Communication Awards (Germany) in the nomination for the Best Internal Channel.
  • The Company won the second place as the Internal Communications Team of the Year in the prestigious Stevie Awards for Great Employers (USA).
  • Russian Railways took the top prize of the prestigious HR TECH AWARD (Digital Pyramid 2021) in the nomination for the HR Tech Solution of the Year in recognition of the Company’s success in developing employee-friendly online services for the Service Portal