Volunteer movement

In 2021, Russian Railways headed the Corporate Volunteering Commission at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which helped increase the number of corporate volunteer activities by 50%. We also joined forces with other companies to hold 10 volunteer campaigns and design social policy recommendations and projects for the Government of the Russian Federation. Russian Railways’ volunteers participated in the international #WeAreTogether forum. The Company’s Donor Leaders blood and blood component donation project became a runner-up for the #WeAreTogether award.

In 2021, the Company co-organised a number of socially important events, including joint campaigns with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (the Water of Russia project) and the All-Russian Movement of Medical Volunteers (Be Healthy! project), a business session at the Sustainable Development of Regions and Human Potential international ESG forum, and others.

All in all, we staged 354 large-scale social events across the railway infrastructure and plan to hold twice as many in 2022. All of them were proposed by corporate volunteers and are highly relevant.

Water of Russia on Baikal Shores

During of the Year of the Environment, Russian Railways held one of largest and most exciting events – the Water of Russia on Baikal Shores campaign. It took place in September 2021 as part of the Environment national project and the Preservation of Unique Water Bodies federal project. The Company partnered with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russia and took an active part in staging and carrying out the campaign.

Over 460 volunteers from among the railway personnel, employees of respective business units of Russian Railways’ Executive Office, and NGOs were involved in campaign preparations.

They cleaned up more than four kilometres of Lake Baikal shores and collected over 45 cu m of mixed waste, 170 kg of plastic, 96 kg of glass and 112 kg of metal, which were than sent for recycling.

The shoreline underwent improvement with recreational areas set up near Shamansky Cape, and the Tankhoy and Staraya Angasolka settlements.

On Russian Railways’ initiative, the campaign included the opening of the Tankhoy Mile nature trail, which became a fresh addition to the historical display of the Baikal Nature Reserve visitor centre and part of the tourism infrastructure.

The event received a lot of positive feedback. It is of utmost importance both as an environmental campaign to protect unique Lake Baikal and as an initiative to preserve historical heritage, foster an environmental culture, and develop educational tourism.

Action «Water of Russia on the shores of Lake Baikal»